• FAQ - English

    About the mobile version

    The FAQ below is based on the Facebook version of the game.

    The mobile version of Voyage to Fantasy is very similar. If you still can not find your answer here, please

    How can I change the game language?

    You'll find a "Your language:....." option at the bottom right of the game where you can change the language.
    Select your language here!

    How do I turn off FX and/or the music?

    You have to click on the little wheel located at the top left and then click on the loudspeaker (to turn off FX) and the music notes (to turn off the music). If you see a red bar through either icon, it means you've turned it off successfully. To turn them back on, just click on the icons again.

    Can I change the game quality?

    You have to click on the little wheel located at the top left of the main game screen.
    If the "HD" icon isn't crossed out, it means you are playing in High Definition. High Definition will give you a higher-quality display. But this setting requires your device to work harder and might cause some PCs to slow down, or result in memory problems during the game and/or make it jerky.
    If the "HD" logo has a red line through it, it means you're not playing in High Definition. When you use this setting, the game will perform better and faster.

    What can I do if the game is slow and jerky?

    We recommend you use Gameroom. This is Facebook software you can download to your computer to allow you to play all your Facebook games outside your browser. Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/gameroom/?...
    However, you can still continue using your browser by carrying out the following steps:
    - Clear your browser's cache
    The cache stores your browsing history and should be cleared regularly to avoid your computer slowing down and keep it working efficiently.
    To do so, we recommend watching this short tutorial: http://www.commentcamarche.net/faq/3037-vider-le-cache-du-navigateur
    - Shut down all other applications
    Game errors can occur when your RAM is overloaded.
    Before starting the game, we recommend shutting down all other applications (software, videos, music, etc.) apart from your antivirus software.
    It is also a good idea to close any other windows in your browser as this will help your game run more smoothly! :)
    - Check that your hard disk has enough memory! (It may also be necessary to defragment it from time to time).
    If your computer is running slowly even when you aren't playing the game, run an analysis of your drives using your anti-virus software.
    If, despite doing all this, you are still experiencing slowness, try playing in a different browser or use the Facebook Gameroom software.

    I get error messages when I play fullscreen.

    Fullscreen mode gives you a better view of the game, allowing you to see it in more detail, but because the game takes up more room on the screen, it uses more memory and resources. If, each time you try playing in fullscreen mode, the game issues an error message (whereas you don't normally see one when playing out of fullscreen mode), then your computer is probably experiencing some memory issues.
    We recommend you use Gameroom. This is Facebook software you can download to your computer to allow you to play all your Facebook games outside your browser. This software currently uses less memory than browsers.
    Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/gameroom/?...

    Who should I contact if I have a problem, want to report a bug, or want to make a suggestion concerning Voyage to Fantasy?

    Please fill in our contact form: click on "Support" below your game window.

    What is a "magnetic disturbance" ("Oops" error message)?

    This indicates a connection problem. It can arise from a very brief interruption in the player's Internet connection, but also general Internet and Facebook issues, or from a server that is taking longer than usual to respond for example.
    To resolve this problem, restarting the game will work in 90% of cases.
    The rest of the time, game errors can occur when your computer’s RAM is overloaded. (Please refer to the above question: "What can I do if the game is slow and jerky?")
    If this message keeps popping up, please check our Facebook fan page: the team may already be trying to resolve the problem, in which case you will find a message informing players. If you cannot see a message on the fan page, please contact our support team (you can find the link in the game).

    Do I have to pay?

    There are absolutely no compulsory paying options in our game. If you do choose to pay for something, we guarantee that your payment is secure and your order will be honored.

    Are my transactions secure?

    Absolutely. We have never experienced any security issues.

    Payment problem

    There may be a slight delay between your payment and receiving your purchase. N.B.: please make sure you don't quit the game while you are making a purchase!
    If, despite our best efforts, you encounter a problem:
    on the computer version of the game: please contact our support team immediately (you will find the link under the game window) to unlock your purchase, providing the payment ID number (you will find this information in your Facebook payment history);
    on the tablet version of the game: you have to ask your app store immediately for a refund.
    N.B.: our support team will not be able to help with payment problems on tablets.

    My screen is blurry; what should I do?

    If your screen goes blurry, you should:

    1. restart the game;
    2. right click on it to display the drop-down menu;
    3. click on "Settings";
    4. uncheck the "Activate hardware acceleration" box.

    How do I clear my computer's cache?

    A browser cache stores Internet data. Your data may be outdated, therefore taking up too much space in the cache unnecessarily, which could affect your game quality. By clearing your cache, you are updating it, and this will also improve your game quality.
    Please click on the following link to find an article on how to do this according to your browser:

    How can I take a screenshot?

    What is a screenshot? It is a way to take a "photo" of your screen. It can be very helpful to attach a screenshot to your message if you are reporting a problem, so the support team can see exactly what you are seeing. This will help our team get a better idea of your problem.
    If you want to take a screenshot (for the computer version of the game):

    1. make sure your screen is displaying the part of the game you would like to "take a photo" of (with your problem clearly visible on the screen);
    2. on your keyboard, you have a "PrtScn/SysRq" button => press this button once;
    3. open Paint or other drawing software. Go to "Edit" > "Paste" (or press CTRL + V);
    4. check that the picture is the one you want to show our support team;
    5. save your file in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format;
    6. attach this file to your message.

    What's a frozen screen?

    A frozen screen is a game penalty that appears when you make three wrong clicks in a row (a wrong click is when you click without finding any objects). The frozen screen comes with a five-second penalty. This penalty will affect your score and you risk breaking your quick chains.
    If you find yourself making many wrong clicks, check you are clicking efficiently: just one click (in the right place) is enough to find an object. But you may find you have a tendency of clicking more than once. So make sure you only click once per object!
    Tip: you can use the Shield booster to help you. Thanks to this booster, it doesn't matter how many clicks you make or how precise they are.

    What do the "speed bonus" and "remaining time" have to do with my score?

    This depends on the objective.
    If your mission has a time limit and a counter, you will see how much remaining time you have. Your score bonus depends on the time left on the counter. The more seconds left on the clock, the more bonus points you will get.
    If you aren't playing a limited-time mission, you will see a little orange gauge that goes down more or less slowly, depending on the number of objects you have to find, and this is all to do with your speed bonus. The less time you take, the more bonus points you will be awarded; therefore, the higher the number of seconds, the more bonus points you'll win.

    When are my rankings updated?

    The score rankings for the Voyage missions are updated in real time for your own record, but only once a day for your friends' records.
    The rankings show you each player's best score for this mission.
    These rankings are never reinitialized.
    For the Countdown Missions, the rankings are updated once a day (at the same time as for regular missions), but this time they are updated for everyone (you and your friends) at once.
    Your ranking is the combination of every best score you achieve for each Countdown Mission you play during the month.
    These counters are reinitialized at the beginning of each month.