• The first challenging hidden object game

    A hidden object game like you've never played before with hundreds of challenges!



    And now on tablets:

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    It’s a new kind of hidden object game on Facebook, iPad and Android tablet.

    Take up the challenge and embark on a Voyage to Fantasy, the most beautiful & challenging hidden object game!

  • They love Voyage to Fantasy

    and we love them :)

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    Eliana R.

    "It is like no other hidden object game. It has scenes really beautiful and unique, from the most lovely fairy tales."

    Denise LJ.

    "It's not your ordinary hidden object game... it challenges all aspects of spacial thinking. Puzzles, mirror images, differences, what an object does (rather than name)... and now missing letters. THX"

    Janet L.

    "Challenging, good for eye-hand coordination, and a rest from Bingo ;)"

    Mona H.

    "I love this game because this is a very hard game."

    Deborah Mc C.

    "Very challenging! The scenes are brillant and well done! You can play with friends or all by yourself!  No begging for parts. No building, just the scenes. Variety of things to do, not just hidden object, differences or puzzles. You have taken these things to a different level! I love it!"

    Debra F.

    "I love the challenge, it helps keep my mind sharp. Plus it is just fun!"

    Felicia J.

    "I love all the different parts of the game and how you are just finding items or putting puzzles together. This game is wonderful."

    Cheryl BQ.

    "I love all the different types of puzzles, and hidden objects and missing letters and all the games. It helps your brain to think and react quickly and it challenges you to be quicker... awesomeness every click, really a fun game!"

    Darlene S.

    "I love Voyage to Fantasy because it is very challenging and it keeps your brain thinking at all the time."

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